Group 1 - Languages A

All students choose at least one subject from Group 1 Languages A, Language and literature courses. The most resources exist for English A Literature, and English A Language and Literature due to its popularity around the world. However, there would be a number of other wide focus resources you may find useful.

Students will gain an appreciation of language and literature whilst developing the skills to critique, analyse and understand a range of different texts. The IBO suggests that studies at Group 1 aim to "develop a student's lifelong interest in language and literature, and a love for the elegance and richness of human expression."

Students need to choose a second language, this would be from Group 2: Languages B, ab initio or Classical Languages, Language aqusition. Some students may opt to study towards the highly coveted IB Bilingual Diploma by studying an additional Group 1 Language (Language and Literature).

For further details of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme's guidance on Group 1 Language and Literature click here to visit

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