Group 2 - Language B, ab initio and Classical Languages

The International Baccalaureate's second language requirement sets it apart from alternative post-16 qualifications. All students are required to study a second language from Group 2. This arguably gives IB Diploma graduates an edge in the international community over A-Level and AP students that chose to forego a language at a higher level.

The language component focuses on the three main areas of Reading, Writing, and Listening; and depending on the level studied (SL or HL), aims to educate students to an intermediate level of fluency in a range of different contexts. All students benefit from an exposure and understanding of another culture during their language studies, afterall IB Students are well-rounded 'students of the world'.

ab initio languages are taken by students with no prior language experience and are effectively an accelerated course that covers broadly the same content as the SL Language B, but at a more accessible level. All ab initio language courses are studied at Standard Level (SL).

Classical languages include Latin or Classical Greek; students are given the opportunity to study the cultures and literature of ancient Greece or Rome.

For further details of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme's guidance on Group 2 Language Acquisition click here to visit

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