Group 5 - Mathematics

Mathematics is a core subject of the IB Diploma Programme and makes up the compulsory Group 5 subjects. There are a number of different levels of study that will accommodate all levels of ability, after all, math can be really tough! The mathematics courses enable students to develop a core knowledge of mathematical principles and concepts whilst also developing logic, creative and critical thinking skills.

Students that are not particularly comfortable with math will likely find the Mathematical Studies (SL) course to be a better option. Further, those that are very comfortable and would like a challenge should consider Mathematics (HL) and Further Mathematics (HL). Both focus on the more difficult and theoretical levels of mathematics that are often studied at college and university levels.

Using the TI-84 Plus

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Barron's IB Math SL

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For further details of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme's guidance on Group 5 Mathematics click here to visit

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